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Welcome to the ARCO Group Support Center

Please use the following contact information for technical support requests only. For all other inquiries please use the information and form on the Contact Us page.

Phone Support

The ARCO Group places a premium on service, support and ongoing technical operations management. We provide a wide range of services, from 24 x 7 proactive real-time intelligent monitoring to ongoing Operate-and-Run services where The ARCO Group provides the technical depth and breadth for reliable and optimized solutions.

To enhance each customer’s experience, The ARCO Group provides a client portal, at no charge, that is integrated with the monitoring and managed services offered by The ARCO Group. These services include monitoring, alerting, ticketing and remediation. Each client portal can be used by the customer to initiate tickets for services or projects, as well as to track the status of tickets or projects and view various metrics.

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The ARCO Group Difference

Operating Systems:

  • All Microsoft operating system that are currently supported by Microsoft are supported by the ARCO Group.
    • Current Desktop : Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • Current Server: Server 2008, Server 2008 r2, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2
  • Non Windows or off mainstream support operating systems are all done at best effort. Window Server 2003, Windows XP, Linux and Mac are best effort.

Hardware support:

  • PC and laptops should be under a manufacturers or 3rd party warranty. We recommend that pcs and laptops should be refreshed on a 3 year life cycle.
  • Servers need to be under a support agreement with the manufacturer or 3rd party.
  • Firewalls/routers/switches – We fully support Cisco networking equipment.
    Wireless Access – ARCO supports Cisco, Meraki and ARUBA wireless network devices.
  • Any device not meeting the above specifications will be a best effort support scenario.
  • Software Support:
    ARCO supports Microsoft Office 2010 and newer, QuickBooks 2013 and newer; we will also provide vendor management for 3rd party applications.

Internet Requirements:

  • In order for ARCO to monitor and provide optimal support we require our customers to have a static address on their internet connection.
  • We recommend customers have at least a broadband connection with a minimum of 1 mbps download/upload speed. Speeds below this will be supported but can cause performance issues and may result in ARCO not being able to provide remote support.

We see the value in long term relationships built on trust. Our team is designed and trained to be an extension of our clients' teams.

We place a premium on service, support, and ongoing technical operations management. The reliability of your company's uptime is critical to our success.

Our team is dedicated to continuing education and being able to present a solution efficiently and effectively.

We value the opportunity to continue to educate ourselves as well as keep our clients informed on the latest trends, topics, and IT updates.