Co-Managed IT

Give your in-house IT team some expert backup

We’ll help carry the load so your IT team can achieve more

As your company grows and IT becomes more complex, you’ll find that more and more of your IT department’s time is taken up by day-to-day maintenance and support. Eventually, it will reach a point where most of their day is spent doing tedious, repetitive tasks and putting out fires, leaving little time for innovation or important IT projects. Hiring more employees mitigates this problem, though it also increases your expenses exponentially. But there is another way.

ARCO’s Co-Managed IT services gives your IT department some much-needed backup without incurring the substantial costs of a new hire. Our experienced technicians can handle the burdens of day-to-day IT management while your team focuses on IT projects, or we can support those projects, helping you complete them faster and more successfully. Whatever your IT department’s needs or working style are, ARCO’s technicians will integrate seamlessly with them for optimal collaboration.

The ARCO Group can assist your existing IT department with:

  • Regular, proactive maintenance for all your hardware and software
  • Automatic patching and updates to keep you current and secure
  • Network optimization for maximum uptime and speed
  • 24/7/365 help desk services for any technical issue
  • IT project management

Let ARCO’s Co-Managed IT services shoulder your in-house staff’s burdens so they can put their full effort into growing your business