Industry Solutions

The ARCO Group provides IT solutions tailored to meet your industry's unique needs.


Leveraging technology is an excellent way for academic institutions to empower their students, as well as a potential source for additional government funding. The IT experts at ARCO have helped many educational organizations implement enhanced learning tech that improves student experiences and meets government guidelines. We can also provide cybersecurity awareness training for staff to ensure that students have a safe digital space they can learn and explore in.


In an industry that is always suffering from shrinking margins and increased competition, logistics businesses like yours need technology solutions that improve operational efficiency, minimize shipping errors, and optimize ERP. ARCO will provide all this and more. We’ll deliver solutions that increase the productivity and efficiency of your field, office, and warehouse personnel, helping them to eliminate errors and inefficiencies while increasing your profit margins.


Data security and service availability are top IT priorities for insurance companies like yours. Clients need to know their data is safe in your hands, and that they can use your services from a device of their choosing at any time they need. Our expert technicians will keep your systems running at peak performance 24/7 so your customers can always file a claim or check the status of an existing one. We’ll also help you choose software that will enhance your services and customer experiences, empowering you to strengthen and grow your client base.


Every minute of downtime on your production floor costs you money. ARCO will help you eliminate prolonged and expensive IT outages, regardless of how demanding your technology requirements are, by continually optimizing your infrastructure. We’ll implement customized technology solutions that will seamlessly integrate your corporate office, production floors, logistics teams, and distribution partners so your products keep moving and your customers stay satisfied.


One of the biggest considerations when managing IT for a healthcare provider is compliance with HIPAA, which we understand inside and out, along with every other relevant regulation. We help our clients protect their patient data by developing HIPAA policies and procedures, auditing their systems for compliance, and providing cybersecurity awareness training. Partner with ARCO and we’ll ensure your patients’ privacy remains intact and your organization is free from noncompliance issues.