Data Centers and Cloud Solutions

With the right hosting, your infrastructure can be faster, more reliable, and more secure

The ARCO Group will ensure your cloud infrastructure delivers a strong competitive advantage

Data Centers and Cloud Solutions have revolutionized the way businesses operate, but much like traditional IT setups, these solutions must still be tailored to a company’s needs and expertly maintained. Otherwise, inefficiencies pile up, ROI falls, and these solutions become just another IT management burden instead of a competitive edge. But ARCO offers a way for businesses to enjoy the many benefits of data centers and cloud computing without the high expenses and risk.

Our Data Center and Cloud Solutions are customized to your businesses needs and fully managed by our experienced team. We provide hosting for all of your mission-critical apps and data in our fortified data centers that are secure, efficient, and reliable. ARCO solutions provide you an easy and cost-effective way to gain an IT edge over the competition.

Operational Excellence

We want to help your company continue to thrive with the confidence that your critical systems and information is secure regardless of any "what if" scenarios. That's why we are here to protect your data with the strength and security with ARCO data centers and cloud solutions.

  • Purpose built data centers without compromise
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Customer focused experts
  • Flexible, scalable integrated solutions and pay only for what you need
  • Best-in-class vendor neutral telecom infrastructure
  • High Availability service delivery at data centers, on premise, or in the cloud
  • State of the Art Power Plant Infrastructure and Design
  • Vendor neutral Carrier Class diverse Telecom Infrastructure
  • Multiple Layer Security Infrastructure to prevent cyber-attacks and data corruption
  • Compliance Standards and Regulations (SSAE, SOC, HIPAA, NIST, FedRAMP, ITAR, PCI)

The ARCO Group is designed to lead in each of these areas:

  • Security – With 24 hour on site security personnel, multiple layer physical security infrastructure, and our intelligence video analysis surveillance system, your critical environments are protected against unauthorized access.
  • Survivability – Designed to withstand Category 4 hurricane winds, meticulous preventative maintenance controls, and state of the art protection systems, our data center is purpose built to protect your business critical infrastructure.
  • Availability – Our proven level of availability is due to two factors: excellent design and meticulous maintenance. Our facilities team has multiple certifications and accreditations that qualify them to maintain and manage the state-of-the-art infrastructure. We provide diverse, reliable, and redundant systems to keep your business systems operating continuously.
  • Efficiency – We are committed to delivering the most efficient service.  Through proactive cooling and airflow management, as well as in-house electrical and cooling analysis and design, our team of internal facility engineers and licensed electricians are able to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

ARCO’s Data Center and Cloud Solutions ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure, available, and efficient 24/7.