Enterprise Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Fully managed enterprise storage, on premise or in the cloud

The ARCO Group provides a fully-managed, enterprise STorage-as-a-Service, available on premise or in the cloud.

ARCO's storage-as-a-service is a fully managed, pay only for what you use, enterprise level data storage solution that eliminates your technological, operational, and financial risks.

  • Enterprise grade storage with flexible pricing that adjusts to your needs
  • Any data type, any protocol, any location, anytime
  • Email filtering and other protections to keep you inboxes spam and malware free
  • Quality expert management and support services 24/7/365

The STaaS cloud platform uses a combination of industry standard hardware and patented software to deliver enterprise class speed, security, and scalability - together with the convenience of the cloud. STaaS ensures you can operate with the confidence that your data storage and management systems are always in sync with your requirements.

The ARCO Group STaaS solution benefits:

  • Flexible Consumption Model: Leverage an existing data center for high-performance elastic cloud services with zero CapEx cost burden. Avoid large investments in infrastructure, scale up or down as needed and only pay for what end-users consume
  • Elastic Compute Down to a Single Virtual Machine: Offer a self-service instant-provisioning customer experience that scales down to well below the starting price and scale of competing edge solutions
  • Edge Cloud Anywhere: Leverage your existing infrastructure, data center and/or ARCO’s existing, global points of presence to deliver low-latency edge services
  • Workload Performance: Deliver a familiar, high-performance and agile x86 compatible cloud compute experience, with DevOps automation, in existing locations with zero CapEx or refresh costs
  • Data Privacy and Security: Includes click-to-provision options for dedicated storage resources for required physical isolation for drives and storage controller level
  • Expert 24x7x365 Services: STaaS infrastructure spans 73 regions and 18 countries offering fully managed support from our global solution architect and DevOps teams

Built for speed, security, and scalability ARCO's STaaS solution will meet your performance and cost needs.