5Colocation and Disaster Recovery Facilities


The ARCO Group provides data center space for partial racks up to full suites that can be several thousand square feet in size. The Data Centers are stable, secure, survivable and provide the highest level of availability of any data centers and have been ranked in the top 1% of data centers in the United States. SSAE Certified. The ARCO Group has data center space available at Locations in Jacksonville, FL – Pittsburgh, PA - Nashville, TN and Columbus, OH.

Facilities Specifications:

  • The walls are comprised of precast concrete attached to structural concrete columns and beams with welded steel imbeds - withstands 154 mph winds, up to a Category 4 Hurricane.
  • Roofing System - built up aggregate with asphalt bitumen, 2 plies of glass-fiber and “Stress-Ply” Garland top sheet. Leak tested to 130 mph winds (best available at time of construction). Roof drains and scuppers designed for Category 5 Hurricane rains (six inches per hour).
  • Roof Deck - inverted concrete double tee supported by structural precast concrete columns - withstands 152 mph winds, Category 4 Hurricane.
  • Raised floors are the preferred construction method for computer room environments. At the data center the floor height is a full 36 inches. This provides: greater flexibility, lower risk of cooling issues, a safer environment which to work, a cool, visually clean space.
  • Franklin Lightning Protection System