Colocation and Disaster Recovery Facilities


Today the Colo is operating more efficiently thanks to a recent modernization of its Power Plant and Electrical Infrastructure. The successful execution of this 14M Infrastructure Modernization project represents the commitment to invest in the datacenter providing greater reliability for your organization.

“Our mission is to provide our customers High-Availability Colocation services. We want to enable your company to thrive with the confidence that your critical business systems are secure without compromise."

Neil VanWart
Chief Information Security Officer


The Advanced Information Technology Center (AITC) was designed to host and protect business-critical information technology systems.

Located in Jacksonville Florida, our facility provides the highest quality colocation hosting services offered. The parent company, CSX Corporation, Inc. has an excellent corporate reputation and a strong and financially stable future with a history of delivering value to its customers.

We have presented professional managed datacenter services to customers for over 20 years. We provide private, secure colocation suites for each of our premier customers. Our services offer the reliability of facility, equipment, and redundant systems along with a focus on customer service relations and the promotion of long term customer loyalty.


With "best in class" security standards, high availability power, and triple redundancy communications, our data center’s proven and tested infrastructure is available to your business.

Our 80,000 square foot data center, located on 23 acres of secured grounds, is a hardened purpose built facility representing the highest survivability and security standards available.

The single point of entry to the property is controlled via the facility’s entrance gate. Fourteen independent security zones restrict and control access to the property and facility. There are armed security officers on duty 24/7. Motion detectors, event alarms, and surveil- lance cameras are placed strategically throughout and around the facility.


Dedicated To Excellence

Our mission is to offer customers a world-class facility and hosting services to protect business critical systems and maintain business continuity. Our objective is to attract mid-to-large enterprise companies and provide a high-availability data center and colocation service to keep business running smoothly and efficiently.

We provide a secure, survivable hosting solution with high availability power and network. The data center team is motivated, customer focused and delivers high quality custom hosting solutions along with excellent customer service. Our on-site resources include HVAC experts, Chief Facility engineers, and Network support personnel.

“Our commitment to our customers and high standards of excellence in data center infrastructure and services set us apart within the industry.”

Ron Gooch
Chief Executive Officer


A Closer Look at Reliability

We know how important it is to have systems available without exception. Our customers are presented with the best service possible, a physical environment that is second to none, and solutions that exceed their expectations for all types of platforms.

Services we provide:

  • High Availability Service Delivery
  • Operational Processes and Maintenance Strategies
  • Qualified and available support teams
  • SSAE 16 (SOC 1) Compliance Measures
  • State of the Art Power Plant Infrastructure and Design
  • Vendor neutral Carrier Class diverse Telecom Infrastructure


Core strengths

We understand the search for a colocation service provider is a challenging endeavor. We are designed to lead in each of these areas:

Security – With 24 hour on site security personnel, multiple layer physical security infrastructure, and our intelligence video analysis surveillance system, your critical environments are protected against unauthorized access.

Survivability – Designed to withstand category 4 hurricane winds, meticulous preventative maintenance controls, and state of the art protection systems, our data center is purpose built to protect your business critical infrastructure.

Availability – Our facilities team has multiple certifications and accreditations that qualify them to maintain and manage the state of the art infrastructure. We provide diverse, reliable, and redundant systems to keep your business systems operating continuously.

Efficiency – We are committed to delivering the most efficient service. Through proactive cooling and airflow management, as well as in-house electrical and cooling analysis and design, our team of internal facility engineers and licensed electricians are able to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Managed Services – Our service offerings demonstrates core competencies in the support of business critical environments addressing each customer’s unique requirements.


We Go Further to Put Our Clients First

Our mission is to provide customers with a world-class facility to protect their critical business systems. We are committed to providing a secured environment and high availability service delivery.

Customers are presented with the best service possible. Our service team members are experts in all aspects pertaining to data centers. The team is comprised of highly and continually trained facilities and network engineers, licensed electricians,and HVAC specialists available at all times.

The multifunctional team creates ease of business for customers. Team members all have different strengths, but have the ability to move as one in the same direction.


Operational Excellence

We want to help your company continue to thrive with the confidence that your critical systems and information is secure regardless of hurricanes, lightning strikes or any other ”what if” scenarios. That’s why we are here to protect your data with the strength and security of CSX.

Purposely built, our data center is progressively designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

We provide:

  • A data center without Compromise
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Customer focused Experts and Specialists
  • Flexible scalable Integrated Solutions
  • Best in Class Vendor Neutral Telecom Infrastructure